Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Postmortem Duet By Latifa And Late Amer Moneeb عامر منيب ولطيفة جيت علي بالي

She is a fine Tunisian and pan Arab songstress and he is one of the kindest Egyptian pop stars who is now dead. He passed away about two years ago, and it was too sudden. The late Amer Moneeb has a new duet released, and Latifa is the second act of this duet.

This was never released before and came out of sudden, catching Arabic music observers by surprise--just like the death of the other star behind this sweet romantic and cute love song. This song is a remake of an old song, it's a welcome remake because both artists sound loyal to the original song. Latifa's voice essence is a perfect paring for Amer Moneeb, this is a match made in music heaven.

Amer is the artist behind this hit song, and Latifa is his musical guest. Both stars deliver one of their most compelling vocal showings in a really long time. The song reminds us of this once celebrated pop star who was a top seller in both music and movie theaters.

اغنية عامر منيب ولطيفة جيت علي بالي 2013 Amer.Ft.Latifa.Get.3ala.Baly


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