Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Download: Magdy Saad 2013 Album البوم مجدى سعد - من يوم ما غاب

Magdy Saad is not trying to be something he is not, he just wants to do one thing that he is very good at, making music. This explains the release of his new album with an incredible 16 tracks. This is hardly the best time for such release, but for two years and there has not been an ideal time for an album release. This is a huge risk that may come with big rewards...

One one thing, Magdy's style is so dark, and those times allow for that. His new album is sort of like the last thing you hear before you shot yourself out of sorrow. There's a demand for those songs, the people who buy those CDs are the poor kids in Egypt who cannot get married but fall in love, when the love bails out on them, they play Magdy's new album and find some peace.

Why? It makes them think, I am not the only one! It must get better. Saad is eschewing previous dips into blues, and pop and heartache-oriented sound; in that vein, he's been logging studio time with his friends to turn out this album.The hard work at recording the follow-up album is clear, with that comes a dash of hope to thrive' The album, titled , already has a first single going viral online.

There are happy songs too, but Magdy might have locked himself into one note performer  Another feedback, the music is pretty sophomoric, it 's very simple and lacks proper layering. I believe "Hikayat" is the boldest and most fresh song from Mr. Saad, he should find more gems like this one.

01. Enta Bt7lam
02. A3`la El Nas
03. 7elm B3ied
04. B3ed We 3`ayeb
05. Fe 7odnak
06. So2aly 3alek
07. Men Yom Ma 3`ab 3any
08. 2ool kalam
09. 7aga Metratba
10. A2ol Eh
11. Kol Sana We Enta 7abiby
12. Kalam Yday2
13. Keda
14. Fe Eh Ya 2alby
15. Mesh Fadl Badry
16. Hikayat

Magdy Saad Men Yom Ma Ghab Aany | 2012 | مجدى سعد من يوم ما غاب عنى


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