Thursday, February 21, 2013

Listen: The Samer Issawi Song Is Here #Palestine

As and democracy loving Israeli court denied bail for a Palestinian prisoner after calling for an emergency hearing to consider his case. The decision comes amid a 24-hour hunger strike in solidarity with Issawi and other hunger strikers held by at least 800 Palestinian prisoners detained by Israel.

Issawi  has become a Palestinian legend among his peers and country men. He has already inspired so mant social media activists and on the ground activists look up to him. Issawi has been refusing food for more than 200 days and his health has deteriorated rapidly since he began to refuse water.

Under Israeli military policy a prisoner may be held indefinitely without trial or charge. The United Nations has called on Israel to end this policy, known as administrative detention, and immediately release or charge detainees. I love watching Israel destroying their own image by their own actions and indifference. I do not think such actions go unnoticed anymore.

Ahmed Dari, a Jerusalem, based activist singer is out with a timely song, the songs that are not market drive. He has become one of the faces to make non-disposable songs in very disposable times. Dari isjoined this time by a new voice of Yousef Zaid. Israelis have no idea why they are detaining this man, but it looks like arrogance is only matched by his strong will.

ضلك قاوم٬ إلى سامر العيساوي من أحمد داري ويوسف زايد


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