Monday, February 11, 2013

Listen: Wael Jassar - Ana Bense7ib 2013 / وائل جسار - انا بنسحب

Lebanese super star Wael Jassar has wrapped his latest single with a lot of class. This time it's different, his single is not the Egyptian dialect that he has became famous for. Instead, we get to hear him sing in his native dazzling Lebanese dialect.

This is a fresh breakup song about existing the stage, about breaking up or choosing to retreat from that failed relationship. Still, this is not a dark song, it's a serving of something bittersweet, it's a delight form the star to finish. Wael has been giving interviews and speaking about his career, in so many quiet ways he has found himself in a place reserved for few folks.

I mean that Egypt adores him and so does his home country. But also the Gulf books him for concerts and do does the Maghreb. Very few people have done that without selling out and without losing their souls or sacrificing their personal life. Wael came from humble origins and it took him three decades but he stands in a high regard. Kudos to you Mr. Jassar, your songs are something to look forward too.  

Wael Jassar - Ana Bense7ib 2013 / وائل جسار - انا بنسحب


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