Saturday, February 23, 2013

Marwa Nasr And The Republic Sweet Collaboration

Marwa Nasr teaches boys about the importance of taking care of their ladies. To get more boys interested  she brought the manly band The Republic. In the song, the artist goes the extra mile in telling man what it feels to be a female. You need to put her in your heart, I left everything behind to love you....etc.

A sweet song if you are grownup woman, and there is a lot of love. But the Republic also keeps things in check as a men they have something to say about this ordeal. They have written the English Lyrics and their rap flies very high. Their remix of the song makes it a lot more fun than the original.

Marwa's loving husband and music producer can be seen toward the end working behind the scenes, making sure this is a hit collaboration. I do not find much info on the band, but they got something making them perfect as a guest in those mega summer concerts. I will be surprised if these guys are from anywhere but the US of A.  

 Marwa Nasr - Wahda Bas Remix Ft. The Republic / مروة نصر - واحدة بس ريمكس


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