Monday, February 11, 2013

Dominique, Lebanon's Most Insecure Star دومنيك حورانى - بطل فيي

Some pop stars work hard to give us good music, others talk about themselves and self-promote while forgetting that being famous is not that dazzling. I think of this when I read the latest round of interviews where Lebanese beauty, model and singer Dominique Hourani speaks about her hot body and how much she enjoys busting the guys egos and breaking their confidence.

She released perfect photos for herself and most of those pictures she releases are focused on her good look, sexy legs and fancy outfits. She also has bizarre opinions about marriage -she is sort of neither married nor divorces and has a baby girl. She claims to have done photo shoot for playboy, but she insists she kept most of her clothes on.  

While powerful females figures are welcome in today's world, those who like to pretend to be so, are unwelcome. My general rule of thumb, if you are the only one talking about how hot you are, chances are you are not that much. She is a celebrity, a well known B list pop star with not a very good voice. Her voice is not the kind that's made for singing. "I Like to torture men" is one of her most known quotes.

But she has had few songs where her voice is pretty good, strong and sometimes sexy. And there is the song below, where I feel her voice is all over the map. Her new single lacks focus and can be boring for some ears. Dominique Hourani meant to make a romantic song for Valentine  but here I am standing in confusion about this songs's heart. There are certain things people cannot take away form Dominique Hourani , her looks and her high are a plus. Her voice is not meant for a singing career....she is neither a hot ticket in Egypt, nor at home.

دومنيك حورانى - بطل فيي 2013