Friday, February 15, 2013

Listen: New Party Song هشام عباس حالة حب 2013 | Hisham Abbas - Halet Hob

Hisham Abbas is a legend among his peers who have started their music career around 1990! They were all about pop, they all knew one another, they lived on the same block, singed up with the same music lable and shared producers.

Hisham's career took years to come to full circle, but his big break came in 1999, then in 2000 he had that global hit, the one he filmed in India "Nari Nari" that song was something else, and it was one of the rare Arabic songs that non Arabs have come to embrace and enjoy.

He came to a close hit in 2005 with Fenoh, that song had the same formula and cool elements but the time was not ideal. It was a cool song and Hisham worked hard on making it his comeback. However, Hisham could no more find hits like that one, but this Valentine he released a love song, an upbeat one that sounds like a typical Amr Diab song.

But Hisham Abbas is the same one we have come to love and a appreciate. It's a very well made dance song with loud sweet lyrics. Hisham has a new album ready for release, but he won't release it yet due to the bad market and the Egyptian political standoff. Here, he is not trying to be that all smiley guy who can joke around  but instead he sounds like he wants to kick off the party.

اغنية هشام عباس - حالة حب | نسخة اصلية | 2013

هشام عباس حالة حب 2013 | Hisham Abbas - Halet Hob


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