Monday, February 18, 2013

Listen: The Comeback Girl اغنية وائل جسار وشيماء الشايب - فى قلبى صورتك | جديد 2013

Remmeber the girl that sang the famous Oum Kalthoum tribute songs in the late nineties? She was the teen who shaked the music market at that time and made her name by paying homage to other legends. She added her own flavor and touch on those timeless classics.

That's the story of Egyptian Shima El Shaib. But then she disappeared from the music radar. She was 15 years old and her mom is a an Egyptian legend Fatmah Eid, the one who has so many folksy hits. Shima was a fixture of the Egyptian music scene since she was seven years old. She is an award winning before she became an adult. She did release a solo original album "Ana Taibah" it wasn't the big hit her fans expected form her. The music production was not done right, but overall the album was satisfactory. She took a break until she finished her studies. 

However, she is back with Wael Jassar in 2013 with this romantic duet. Her nostalgic fans have been through a lot, but they are ready to take her new song for a test drive. It's a sweet song delivered with such a delicate style, both artists sound very compatible and like the best of friends. Shima has a good voice, but now she needs to develop something to call her own as her voice naturally changed with growth. Wael, was a star since he was a kid, so he knows what it takes.

اغنية وائل جسار وشيماء الشايب - فى قلبى صورتك | جديد 2013


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