Monday, February 25, 2013

WATCH: Divanessa - Aman, The Amazing (and beautiful) Lebanese Violinist

Lebanese violinist Divanessa is busy making Arabic music more universal by adding a touch of class and violin on everything she does. Among her early supporter is Lebanese pop star Ragheb Alama whose brother's label has singed her. The two have performed together in a sold out concert in Tunis. She also has a A Nigeria concert as well.

Cannot deny how hard working she seems as she plays her instrument of choice. It's like she is writing magic straight out of her violin. I love the fantasies her music creates as highlighted by her most recent music video. There's so much tension, conflict and peace in her strokes. Aside from her wonderful look and impressive choice of wardrobe, Divanessa seems to have it all figures out.

Divanessa has an rare and an incredible talent not available to too many men or women in our part of the world. She is a master and it shows as in her short years she has manged to get her name out there and perform around the world. She is Canadian by birth and Lebanese by the events helped shape her life. She picked the violin at age 9 and it seems that was the best decision she has ever taken.

This is the kind of music that comes form the world, and travels the world- but first it stops in Lebanon. Her music goes where words, fail. I am happy to see a star contribute to universally themed music like Divanessa has in her short years. And something tells me, she has a lot more to give.

Divanessa - Aman / ديفينيسا - آمان


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