Friday, February 8, 2013

Amal Maher Of Egypt Sings With Mohamed Abdu Of Saudi تفاصيل الجمال دويتو محمدعبده و امال ماهر

Legendary Saudi Singer Mohammad Abdu is out with anew duet where Egyptian diva Amal Maher is the vocal guest. The duo seem to be the best of friends  as they have sang before live and on records. Amal Maher is the jewel of Egyptian vocal strength and graceful style.

She meets the historic and prolific Saudi vocalist who might as well be the honorary king of the entire Gulf region. Together, the performed one hell of a song about beauty and those who are in its presence. Abdu remains one of the most active singers who branches out with this song to the bigger Arab market. Amal is a worthy entertainer to stand in his shadow....

She hold her ground and make one of the finest guests, no doubt she is a diva with a global name recognition  . This feels like a song made for a special occasion, like the wedding of Mohammad Abdu's little girl...hence comes the names. The song is written for a princess and having Amal Maher add her voice to the track make sure more people listen to it.

The song has well wishes to the couple, I cannot see the details on this song and the occasion, but it's a common practice for royal Saudi to celebrate happy occasion with poems that are turned into songs. The personal nature of this song. Though the name Noora canbe heard throughout the song, the name of Mohamed Abdu's older daughter whom he has written songs about in the past.

تفاصيل الجمال دويتو محمدعبده و امال ماهر 2013


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