Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rest In Peace Folks Music Legend Mohamed El Ezaby

At age 75 Egyptian folksy music legend has left this earth. On February 5th 2013, Arabia has lost one of its most entertaining and authentic voices, Mohamed El Ezaby. The Cairo native and better known singer who has took the folksy song of Egypt and made it into something one can see at the house of Opera. The iconic Egyptian singer own father was a well-known drummer who wanted his son to go to college. Ezzaby did, study business, and worked for the petroleum agency for a while before he landed on his singing career.

No one is able to tell better stories that he could, he told the country stories and made his fans want to go back and live in the old country. The singer have had a health complication and was being treated in one of the  Cairo hospitals. I know he has quit singing about two years ago. El Ezaby was on high demand, most concerts and cultural events and even some movies would seek him out. He is the all Egyptian voice, the story that never gets old.

Among his fans are people who have never lived in Egypt, but came to be reminded of home and mothers as a result of the ballad he told so well through his songs--many of whom are classics. Take in 2003 when he was on a duet with Lebanese pop star Diana Hadad (here). Also in 2007 he appeared in the Arab Dream Operetta, he actually kicked it off next to Legendary Wadei Safy (here).

Among the venues where he has performed is London's Albert Hall, Olympia Hall in Paris as well as dozens Arab stages. He was a personal favorite of King Hassan of Morocco. He married once and now is survived by three children, the oldest of whom is a dentist.

I came to know of the legend through my dad whom adores the man and so does my grandfather. The man who aged gracefully and kept his folksy voice. He started singing in 1954, then years later the radio picked him. He joined Rida band in 1957 and he kept much of the magic through out his five decades journey. He has also been credited in a number of films. His songs will never leave this earth, they will remain with us to speak volumes of this gifted entertainer.  

محمد العزبي - شفت حبيبي

محمد العزبي - بهية


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