Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Iraqi Music Riot Known As Waleed El Shamy

Iraq's most prolific composer singer Waleed El Shamy is reaping the success of his music career from his home base Dubai. I did not think he is the guy to do romance songs, as most of his better known songs are dance hits with that unmistakable Iraqi beat. He has made a lot of beats to Arabs stars who like to shop around from his flavor filled melodies.

But now Waleed El Shamy is dipping his toes in the romantic song, with the release of his "Magnouny" track. It's like he searched within his soul for a romantic version of himself and then placed it in the center stage. He has always been the party guy from Iraq with the upbeat tunes, now he is moving into the territory of the likes of Majid Al Monhadis, a fellow Iraqi singer.

I love the back story the music video features. Also the slow melody fits the lyrics just right.

 Waleed El Shamy - Magnouny / وليد الشامي - مجنوني


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