Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WATCH: Dalida "Wronged"- Zalamteny / داليدا - ظلمتني

Couples fight, but those fights do not have to be violent, at that point, the relationship is better off over it. Just take your cute from Dalida whose crisis are allowing her to sing a poem to the man who is troubling her and breaking her heart. He is a good looking jerk though and this is the killer combination

Dalida is one of the latest Lebanese bombshells to break into the poetic song in the Khaliji dialect. This is not her first rodeo, she is working on a third album--which she also produced. She has admitted having gone under the knife for once, she is not using sex to sell...I am being me she maintains. And it seems she hates to be owned be a music production company.

She has a strong voice, making her perfect to do loud songs, Khaliji and Lebanese are a good starting point. she can also do the Bedouin style songs as well. It seems that the Khalij-Gulf media adores this young women. This song is part of her upcoming album to be released through the Melody Network. We are anticipating songs in varying styles and dialects.

Dalida - Zalamteny / داليدا - ظلمتني


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