Thursday, October 3, 2013

WATCH: FINALLY Si Al Sayed - Tamer Hosny FT Snoop Dogg 2013 /كليب سي السيد - تامر حسني و سنوب دوج

We have been hearing about this epic collaboration for than a year now, Tamer Hosny is working hard to make a comeback, and he is betting he can do that with the help of Snoop Dogg on a very manly song, Si L Sayed or Mr. Man. Only Tamer can make himself a star again, not Snoop who is an icon no doubt of American pop culture. The fact remains there are plenty of Arabs and Egyptians working in Hollywood, some of them got to Tamer and got him to shoot this MTV-grade music video.

I know Snoop is a huge deal, and Tamer is hard-working entertainer who have a lot of enemies. But I will not comment on the music video, I will just it present it and watch like one of you. I have said more than enough about Tamer Hosny. I am a big fan of his most recent video. I believe he is trying to clean p his act, and be the family man who can entertainer the masses all over again. It's not 2010, but Tamer has never given up.

The Wait is over, and the clip is here, let's hope the fans love it. Not sure if MTV will pick this one up. I think the lady in the music video is over doing it. Women are not that crazy, but this is not real life. There are a lot of dancing ladies around, Tamer is trying to be Mr. GQ by doing what Amr Diab has yet to do--go the Hollywood route. Cannot wait to see a feminist rebuttal of the music video.

I like the music in the Middle, it's pretty energizing and liberating.

Si Al Sayed - Tamer Hosny FT Snoop Dogg /كليب سي السيد - تامر حسني و سنوب دوج


  1. I don't think it's MTV material just because Snoop Dog is in it. It is not Snoop Dog job to get Tamer famous in U.S.A. He can only get himself popular through talent. His expectations are too high.

  2. Tamer did not make it to Hollywood lol when you make it to Hollywood it’s because Hollywood ask for you, not because you paid your self through, no one would do a song with him otherwise. Also what i find disturbing is the fact that Tamer has removed the dislike bar from his clip because of the amount of dislikes he's been getting and only approves the comments he wants. Now is that a talented artist or a manipulating fake? i do not why you don't come out and speak what you really think you do it to other Artist some much more talented then Tamer and you still put them down. The song is ok, clip is cheap and Snoop sold out but he will now know that this was a wrong move.

  3. Yes, I agree with the comment. You can not pay your way into Hollywood. Hollywood has to pick you. I think Tamer has talent, but, he is a hypocrit. He only wants people to praise him and he does not accept criticism the same way other artist do. Yeah, the clip does look cheap and they spend so much time, money and effort. I was dissapointed when I watched the video. I think he needs to re-evaluate his entire work/managenent team. Someone is not doing their job right.

  4. I also agree with the comment, i also want to add that the title is disrespectful to all men like he's bigger and better then evey one and the song is disrespectful to women, if the US understood what his song is about they would probably give him the shoe. Tamer needs to understand theres more genuine talent in the arab world then fake hand picked artists from America

  5. You are right, the video is very disrespectful towards women and men. It is not ok to make a music video with the concept to lock up your wife in the bedroom so that you can party with other half naked dressed women. But his real fans choose to support him with this type of concept. The problem with american pop music is thst they dont actually care what kind of video you make. They just care if its sells ir not. Look at some of the mainstream pop icons like lady gaga, Rihanna, there videos often have dark, hidden satanic messages (illuminati messages) that should also be banned, but the media sells it to the public due to the high ratings they get. The Entertainment industry is a corrupted industry.... its to bad for other Artist who have a lot of talent but wont get recognized the same way...