Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WATCH: Tarek Al-Attrash - E2ta3lo Karet طارق الأطرش - اقطعلو كرت He Wants To Be Your Business

Young and hip Tarek Al-Attrash wants to party, will you make room for him on your playlist?  He is that cookie -cutter masculine dude with a good look and a knack of fast cars and babes. He means party and likes to keep the ladies happy with his catchy dance-intense lyrics. On the upside, the song was written by the performer and so have the music. Tarek has the kind of charm that makes expats fly him over oceans to see him perform. He is like that first dominoes you tip over and unleash a chain of fun events.

He wants no trouble, and he wants to make sure when you are ready for good times, you would play his songs. One thing, it's fine to have ladies in shorts, but it's kind of cold....I like the barbecue by ladies , those are fun times. Tarek has a sweet voice made perfect for good songs that bring joy and fun. The kind of songs guys like listening to and wish their ladies would understand. In very short months, Tarek's name has become a household name withing the boundaries of Beirut as the purveyor of upbeat light pop songs with a a tiny hint of folksy songs.

There is demand for this kind of let's get wasted style of songs, Lebanon seems to be the right place for them. I do not hold it against him, he is a fun guy, a boy toy of sort. I think the lady to whom he proposed is in love with some TV guy. Like theses in the Turkish Dramas, and the song talks about soccer games. I think this is pop culture at its best. You talk about what's hip in a fun way. This song is a dream sequence, so good luck.

He is forming his own style and his name is getting out there...and now he has took the party to Tunis where he is scheduled for a number of concerts.

Tarek Al-Attrash - E2ta3lo Karet طارق الأطرش - اقطعلو كرت


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