Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Eid, Here's An New Eid Song For Kids (Arabic)

Eid is the day of celebration is much more meaningful for the adults, but for the kids it's loads of fun, games, candy and cash. You cannot make a bad Eid song, this is why the Syrian Magd El Kasem set out to make a fun Eid song with his kids. They lead, and he follows.

I do not want to be mean, but the guy who introduces the song has some potential. Then comes Magd El Kasem,  a stranger in the park surrounded by kids--nothing to see. This is a Eid jingle and not a major song by the traditional standards. Eid is about the family, and getting them to party, not sure what Magd has been up to lately, he is a composer and a singer--in the singing department he has not done very well.

This Eid song is original and new, if it sticks it will be a major legacy for the artist. After all the most famous Arabic eid song goes back to the 80s and the lady behind the song no longer sings, yet each Eid this song ushers in the Eid.

Gana El Eid - Magd El Kasem جانا العيد - مجد القاسم


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