Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WATCH: The Hot Lebanese Man Fady Harb - Aa'el Baitouty / فادي حرب - عاقل بيتوتي

I like Fady Harb, at least he had the courage to sing about being a home boy--a guy who likes to hang around the house. In Lebanon, and where the city that likes to stay up at night, this might be a stigma. He is connected with nature and outdoors to make his point about how much he loves that woman.

He is incredibly good looking guy with so much charm and easy going outfit. He gives that bad boy vibe, but I think he must not have let it all out. I like the simple nature of the music video, nothing to elaborate. The beat is good, and the sight of the sun makes me warm. He does not shout like many of his peers in Lebanese pop, which is a plus.

He does not care of beauties of the world, just you is what he is after.  

Fady Harb - Aa'el Baitouty / فادي حرب - عاقل بيتوتي


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