Saturday, October 12, 2013

Listen: The Hip Diab Retruns With " Mesh Habtal Zaan" / " حصريا : دياب " مش هبطل زن

Finally an Egyptian star that both I and the cab drivers can agree on. His name is Diab and he released an album more than three years ago, it was catchy album with intentionally humorous lines that you hear in the cool street kids say. I love his hit song "El 'Aww"

The good thing about Diab is that he works with the best producer in Egypt--Nasr Mahrous. which means the record will have energizing music and top-notch production. I like Diab and wish his new and upcoming album the best. This single will be on that album--it's pretty cool. The subject is about a guy who wont's give up calling his buddy or his lady.

This is the second song from Diab where he talks about cellphones --here is his first. Diab is a discplined artist he works with his producer and only him. He doe not do singles but I do think he can be the new phase of Sha'abi music. Sha'abi is meant to hip, simple, and catchy. What the Mahrgant style do right now is just noise and it will be in the trash bin pretty soon

Exclusive : Diab " Mesh Habtal Zaan" / " حصريا : دياب " مش هبطل زن

Making of "Diab - El 'Aawoo" - كواليس "دياب - العو"


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