Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Will This Fat, Old Catwoman By Haifa Wehbe Fly? هيفاء وهبي -ازاي أنساك

Lebanon's most notorious pop diva is not through yet. She is still the big star she was once five years ago. As you know divorce can kill someones' career, but that did not seem to bother her. She went to New York in the day after she made her divorce public and filmed a new music video, where we now know she is going for the famous Cat woman look.

No other entertainer local or global has manged to make the cat women outfit look sexy without looking too ridiculous. Haifa might mange to make it something else. Ever since Hale Berry wore it in the early 2000 for that lame movie, and no other ladies have manged to revive the look again. Till Anne Hathaway sort of wore it in the last installment of Batman.

Haifa is a cool cat, she has always been so and has acted as much, but then more and more people have started talking about her weight gain--some big names in the entertainment industry in Lebanon even have pointed to it. Will this cat woman be fat? I mean we all know she is older than her peers, but to her credit it never showed.

The promo shows a club scene and a lot of light and laser affects. I wait for the music video, you do not shoot average music videos in the City of New York, if you do. You need to fire your crew. But then again, this music video might be filmed in Abu Dhabi, Rotana (her music lable) does not seem to hold back on Haifa--they know she is huge.

 Haifa Wehbe-Ezzay Ansak English Subtitles/هيفاء وهبي -ازاي أنساك


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