Tuesday, October 1, 2013

@HotArabicMusic Presents Lil Gohor From #Egypt With Greatness

Not every singer gets a recording deal, but that does not stop them from having a message and a a large fan base. Among such talents is new rapper from Egypt, Lil Gohor who is a social rapper talks about issues of the day, politics, justice and people. This 18 years old young gun who studies business in a local university. And seems to fit with his rap with house music. His name tells me he is influenced by American rapers, but his songs are nothing to compare.

I love his beats, and I like the excitement in his voice. He raps for the people of Egypt, not one group, but for everyone and he even welcomes those who love the Egyptian land. Lil Gohor is about hope, let's get along we are the same people and headed in the same direction. I pray more people in Egypt live this message, but it's promising to see a talented young man show so much awareness.

I like the rhythm, the lyrics and the nice music video put together by a guy who wants to do something good and add to the Egyptian greatness. He flows and I tell you what, this is one of those songs, that fits to play at the gym when you are trying to get motivated or want to get running. I like this track and most of all I like the message I am hearing.

welcome Lil Ghor, great things await you, if you reach with them and meet a bit of luck. Keep up the good work, and your positive and uplifting routine.

Lil Gohar = لسة بخير


  1. he is so talented i loved it
    i'm thinking about dancing on this in the disco