Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Arab Dream Girl According to Mohamed Aref

He is a young Egyptian singer with radiant skin, and a sense of style fitting for his age. He is the voice behind a number of singles--mostly romance and heartache. His name is Mohamed Aref, and we have not seen the end of him. This time he is talking about his dream girl...

He stars his song really slow establishing the quality of his voice in acoustic, he does well in the outpouring emotions out of his soul will get to you
"Even if you were the worst thin in the world, to my eyes, you are the prettiest thing my eyes have seen" If all people saw you as a helpless case, I would take up the chance and ask you to be mine!" For you, I will live and I know you will help me break my solace."  
The song picks up and progresses as it sounds a very personal song from this young artists. Aref might be in love or he might be thinking about a girl he has fallen for. The awesome thing about this song is the state of mind those who have fallen in love are in--they are confused and they are very alone. As they try to decide on the next step, they have to suffer first.

Mohamed Aref - Ftat A7lamy | محمد عارف - فتاة احلامى


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