Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Most Exciting Tunisian Pop Star Of The Year (Twerking A Bit)

It's time to party, and Iman wants to be at your party, will you let her in or leave her standing at the door. Her new and catchy electric track is a sure crowd-pleaser. It comes loaded with dance moves, energy, and dazzle. I like the song. To my huge surprise she is no Lebanese but comes from Tunis.

This lady does not have to have a good voice, but she really does. People who make these kind of music videos and wink often do not have to have the sort of good voice Iman brings out here. Again, this is a relevant music video that comes with tasteful sex-appeal and a decent style. This is no cheap thrill either, I love the outfits and the choreography  

She has that international aura pop stars h\strive for, and then she has a lock on allure that will allow her to be memorable. Her songs comes with a good beat, and lots of fun bits and pieces. Iman means faith in Arabic, and this is what he team had when they worked with her==they hit the jackpot.

Iman Bi Hayati HD


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