Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WATCH: Said Senhaji & Fadel Mazrou3i | Ya Sahbi 2013 #DudeSongs

The UAE has many talented young artists and not all of them want to do the same songs...they got the Iraqi making music for them, the Indian ladies are their go to models, and the Lebanese to run the show. Here's an example of a song written for dudes.

A guy fell in love and he is love sick, he approaches his pal for advise, and then the conversation goes on inside that intimate coffee. It's a good song that talks about something that's too common, guys like to seek advise from their best friends. I like the artists style and how they sang while sitting in a cozy surrounding.

فاضل المزروعي وسعيد الصنهاجي يا صاحبي


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