Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wadie El Safie = Umm Kulthum, Says Najwa Karam

She is the proudest among her Lebanese peers, she is so proud that she refuses to sing in any other dialect that her own. Najwa Karam stood tall and spoke in an interview about her father in in the music, the man who sang with her and released their much celebrated duet. Wadei El Safi passed away and Najwa Karam flew back home to be with his family.

She is upset that his funeral, she said the funeral should have been bigger, people should have done more to mourn this legend. She talked about Egypt and how they take care of their legends unlike Lebanon. In her own words, Umm Kalthoum we loved her, and Wadie is no different he is a legend of the same size. She did not want to point fingers, but she seems disappointed in the weak reaction to Wadie's passing at home.

She made made the Umm Kaltoum comparison few times. I do not believe she was unable to arrive in Lebanon for the funeral,--if she wanted to make it on time--she would have been able too--private jets anyone? I like Najwa and I think she loves the legend who loved her back. I do not see the need to compare these two amazing legends of Arabic music, though not sure if Wadie and Umm Kalthoum were part of the same circle.  

Najwa Karam نجوى كرم: فقدت بيين بشهر وكان لازم كل لبنان ينزح بوداع وديع الصافي


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