Sunday, October 20, 2013

Listen: فيفيان مراد – عذاب الحب – The Mighty Viviane Mrad – Azab El Hob Great Song

I needed a good song on this slow Sunday and I got just that...thank you Viviane Mrad for this rocking song. The music for the song is so sharp, and to tell you the truth it's original and fresh. The lyrics are out of this world. The song come sin two halves, the first half is how you imagine your loved one talking, and the second part the wisdom of your grandmother.

 Lebanese pop is alive as the one in Egypt is stumbling and too busy singing for the army and the politicians, the ones in Lebanon can do two things at the same time. I really think Vivian challenged herself her, and manged to hit the high, the low and everything in between. At times she is soft and sweet and at other times, she is heartbroken....this song is the middle ground. This is a worthy single to make us all think about how gifted she really is.

She settles for number one always and her songs climb the charts in no time. She has good luck with Lebanese lyricist and composer Salim Assaf.

Music Library : فيفيان مراد – عذاب الحب – Viviane Mrad – Azab El Hob


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