Friday, October 4, 2013

Unleashing Your Inner Dancer With Eli's Arguileh

This Lebanese artist, performer and painter. Eli's first effort is a dance tune which is set to take the dance floors by storm this summer. watch out for "Arguile" the 1st single released mid 2012 on mega Lebanese Radio station Jaras coop. The young artist is carving his own path as he breaks into the music scene....

Hail those dancers out there because Eli of Lebanon has dance mix just for them. I think the wild elements blended together to make Eli's new music video something worth seeing. His hit single Arguileh feels a little bit like a fish out of water....

That means, shots in the music video are made for Tim Burton dark films. Eli is an every man of Lebanese men, he likes to party and he likes to blow the Arguila or the Hookah. He is an addict to it and here he likens his love to his habit of smoking the Hookah.

I like the mix-tape and electronic funk feel the beat generates. The song is not made for everyone, but those who have spent enough time in the clubs or in Eastern Europe will appreciate it. The unique thing about Eli is his dance moves, they are something fresh--we do not have as many male artists who like or want to dance on camera--Eli does both.

Eli wrote and composed the music with the help of a DJ, and then he performed them on studio and on camera. Now it would be fun to see if he is about to perform them live?  

Eli - Arguileh 2013 / الي - أرغيلة


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