Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Listen: #Iraq Assi Hallani Has A New Single عاصى الحلانى - وينك حبيبى

The most over-rated Lebanese pop star is out with a new single from his soon to be released album. This time he is doing a song in the Iraqi dialect--like the ones you would hear in the streets of Baghdad. The downside, Iraqis are just sick of such songs, and wish they would die. No one has told Assi Hallani this so, he has a new song where is searching for his love.

I like the beat, it feels old but it has been in disguise with some fresh elements that make it sound exciting. I feel the lyrics are tired, the music is fine. Clever choice for Assi to try to connect with the Iraqi market--Northern Iraq has been a cool place for Arabic pop stars to hold concerts.

Will this song get people talking about the new album? sure, but what hit songs has Assi released in the past five years? I am just trying to remember.


  1. Yeah, it's a conspicuous cash grab, but quit being so picky. At least it's not one of those "Isn't [fill in the name of some despotic politician] a great guy!" songs that you really hate when Assi sings.

    So who is singing the auto-tuned part? Is that Hatem al-Iraqi or his son or someone? It doesn't quite sound like Assi. I can't pick off enough of the lyrics to tell if it's a sample of an existing song or a new part written just for this record.