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Download: Album Laila Ghofran 2013 ahlami Soon قريبا ألبوم ليلى غفران الجديد

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Jamila Bouamout , aka Laila Ghofran is a diva from Morocco. Laila Ghofran career began in the 80s in Egypt and she rises from 1988 to 1998 as one of the diva of Arabic song, with the support of her husband and manager Ibrahim Aakad. Laila Ghofran has the marriage-the first among many others-a girl she named Hiba who died following a violent murder with his best friend in 2008.

While she could have risen even more on top, Laila Ghofran was long removed from the song during a little over five years for no apparent reason. Nevertheless, even if Laila Ghofran discontinued, her fans continue to increase them by listening to his albums: "Aktar Min Ay Waat" which are extracted the singles "Ashalihak"and "Nar Hobbak, or the album" Sa3at Zaman "Ana Asfa", "Kol Shaie Momkin", "Aayounak Amar", "Malamih" ...

Now it's 2013 and she has an album out, it's pretty stunning to see her revive her career in Egypt where she lives and workds. The album has been titled Ahlamy "My Dreams" The album is focused on Tarab songs, and Egyptian flavored songs. it's mostly happy, with few dark tracks. I miss this style of albums, similar of the ones in the eighties, more relaxed and focused on the vocal performance and not all the other stuff. I love what I have heard so far, and look forward to enjoying each track. The album has hints of the late Algerian diva Warda incorporated with more upbeat elements.

The new album featyres 10 songs where Layla co-operates with a selection of writers and composers such as Hossam Abdallah, Mostafa Shawki and Rafeek Akef. On the other hand, she is getting ready to shoot two songs but after getting feed backs from her fans about the album and which song would like to watch as a video clip. There are some Sha'abi scented songs, the kind boaters listen to around Alexandrian.

02.Shokran Ya Garh
04.Darba Adya
05.Ya Wlady
06.Dos Aliya Kaman
07.Ahla Ayamy
08.Matsthwansh Beya
09.Mafesh Haga
10.Ahla Lila

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Promo Album Laila Ghofran 2013 ahlami Soon قريبا ألبوم ليلى غفران الجديد

Ahlamy Feek - photo - Laila Ghofran احلامى فيك - صور - ليلى غفران


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