Wednesday, October 30, 2013

People Of The Gulf, Lets' Dance To Jamila's "Yegoulo Yegoulo"

Jamila is here to make good music that prompts people of the Gulf to dance, she plays it safe and lays that recognizable Gulf beat that gets men to dance in circles and with sticks. I like the special effects like a fish in the desert. I love the huge drums, I like her choice of wardrobe which is a bit of both hip and folksy. Jamila is a new comer, for one who just made her big break, she has done very well.

Her songs is out with a major production company, I know this shows some creativity, the apple and thus...simple things but fresh nonetheless. If you don't like this style , you won;t think much of this, but I still feel it's upbeat and the music video is certainly intriguing.

#جميلة - يقولوا يقولوا | Jamila - Yegoulo Yegoulo


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