Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Most Stunning Music Video Of The Year! @BalqeesFathi | Majnoun Video Clip - بلقيس | مجنون فيديو كليب #Yemen

Whatever it's Yemen does it best. Look no further than the hottest pop star n the entire Gulf region, Balqees calls Yemen her home. The daughter of a well-known Oud master, and composer Ahmed Fathy has been rocking the scene of Gulf pop for five years now. Balqees is changing words one music video at a time. And her latest kicks off with osme fine oldie feeling our music. Then comes the work of a seasoned DJ who did a beautiful remix.

Oud music, chatting, and nerdy gone geeky look with some pinkish headphones. The song is about a nerdy lady and a guy who looks good wearing a suit, who would go the extra mile to be with the one he loves. One time he wants to arrest her, another time he wants to shoot her? Is this not criminal? The song is about insanity or how love makes us do crazy things.

I love how the music video transitions from one little movie to another with a total different feel, style and storyboard, this is work of someone who wanted to do something new and something that has not been done in the past. This is a cute and funny music video for a fun pop songs from Balqees who can play any character and make it look believable. But this is a first-rate romantic song. The music video makes me want to go find this song now--even though I have it. Not only was she blessed with that natural good looks, she has some talent in both singing and acting.

These is chemistry among the stars....and this feels like more than one song mixed together and it was done by smooth DJ. I love the social media aspect, Youtube, Facebbok, instagram and more. There are muppets too, Bollywood, Turkish style are also there, animation, action and real dazzle fest. The director shall not be unemployed for as long as he lives. This took some real work and it paid off...Balqees is the real pop star of the Gulf region--can you think of any other lady in that region who has better songs, hotter career than she does. Rotana has a winner in her, and hope they keep up their collaboration.

Balqees | Majnoun Video Clip - بلقيس | مجنون فيديو كليب


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