Sunday, October 6, 2013

Listen: Nancy Ajram Smart #Egypt Song 2013 اغنية نانسى عجرم - دى مصر

Nancy Ajram is a huge deal in Egypt, and this is why comes this October 6th, she had a song to celebrate the country of Egypt. Nancy Ajram might be singing for all Egypt, and this time she tells folks to keep Egypt on their eyes. It's a smart song, it does not call for polarization, keeps the message simple guard Egypt it's way special.

I do not know how I feel about this song, but I doubt Nancy Ajram has anything to gain from playing politics at this moment. If anything this is a sweet song with a smooth beat that originates in Egypt. Nancy Ajram puts up her best Egyptian dialect and connects with the people of Egypt. Trouble is there is too much blood for this song to make people happy.

Good for you Nancy Ajram, all factions in Egypt will embrace this song, But here's the issue, she's performed for the army in the same moment the army and the police were killing three dozens of peaceful protesters. Her performance was the Air Force Stadium and the obscure Egyptian president was in attendance, next to the mighty General Sissy.

Question, How much did the army pay Nancy Ajram to sing for them? Keep on mind the money were used from money paid by Egyptians both living and murdered. 
اغنية نانسى عجرم - دى مصر

أغنية خدوا بالكو دي مصر .. نانسي عجرم


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