Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Video: Family Friendly Sultry Egyptian Porn

You say Aziza and I have no idea who she is, is she a dancer? Singer? Entertainer? You be the judge but whatever you decide, guys will always win. There's a Sha'abi singer who is doing his song and that belly dancer is dancing suggestively, but not worry this is not pron or anything.

It's sad really to see this pron quality airing on TV during the time using the name of art. I do not care if this song is bad, I think that sex sells, and only grownup should be subjected to it....so please. Mohammad Abd El Moneam, next time when you try to repent for your assault on the children senses by feeding the poor in Ramadan, think about this.....not only are you breaking homes, but also you are ruining little kids for life.

I think the singer has a low self-esteem and has grown up poor and dismissed by everyone now when he made it big, and since he has no class--he is bringing all the cheap belly dancers he could find in the slums of Egypt and having them dance around him. I think karma will kick him in the ass and he will see it in his family.  He is well covered and the ladies are half naked making these moves and flaunting their puppies.

Aziza - Mohamed Abd elMoneam عزيزة - محمد عبد المنعم 


  1. I believe this is the same Aziza who was dancing at the Semiramis in Cairo and has been training under the mentorship of Raqia Hassan, so "rising international star of the dance world" would be a better description of her than "cheap belly dancer from the slums." I can't say that I would personally want to wear some of her costume choices, but I suspect they are also far from "cheap." I'm guessing they are high-end designs from some of the most sought-after ateliers in Egypt.

    Nightlife in Cairo isn't what it used to be, so I don't see anything wrong with a performer whose regular gig has been interrupted by political unrest taking advantage of other ways to promote her brand in the public eye. It is disappointing that you think so little of her work, though If this is what you think sleazy belly dancing looks like, I regret to inform you she is far from it. She is not some poor woman who took a disgraceful job so she wouldn't be homeless. This is someone who has devoted substantial effort to mastering an art that doesn't get nearly as much respect as it should in a world where people think skimpy costumes and aggressive pelvic gyrations in hip-hop and Latin dance are fine, but belly dance is an offense to delicate sensibilities.

  2. I would love for you to write a post about this. The thing is this video as I see it, its less about the dance profession and Han about body parts. It`s sad to see this an honorable way to make a living. I do hate the game, and I see the humanity of the player. I don't know my Egyptian belly dancers as well as you clearly do.

  3. I don't mean to overestimate the reputation of belly dance. Unfortunately, it's not really considered an honorable way to make a living anywhere, even under the best of circumstances. Belly dance often exists under the guise of a cultural activity, but it is definitely more burdened by stereotypes of mindless wiggling and seduction fantasies than other ethnic dances, and it doesn't help that the dance sometimes becomes a "profession of last resort" for desperate women or a cover activity for prostitution in its native lands. Then again, no dancer in any field is completely immune to ignorant sexual assumptions or accusations that sexual favors were exchanged in pursuit of employment. I don't know that humanity will ever completely buy into the idea that there's something inherently respectable about using one's body in public for entertainment. Somehow sports are okay, but dance never quite is.