Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mohamed Mounir's Quest For The Perfect Partner

Mounir is Egypt's most original rock stars. That means his music tells a global story of a very local people, his lyrics tell the local stories to those who speak the language of the song. For three decades of more Mounir has been rocking the Egyptian music scene.

He is roughly Egypt's  best selling rock star, he does pop songs but those are his throwaway songs. He never chases after the cool and the popular, instead he does not talk to the press and most of his concerts are in Egypt or in Europe. Though he is tarting to do more gigs in Dubai

Since Mounir never got married, he always sounds like if he is chasing after something he can never have, a perfect woman. For that particular lady he has been singing all those years, his music speaks to them and elevate their status he is the romantic guy who knows the feelings. Some of his songs will bring a tear to your eye. Like the song below "Soutek" or your voice where he address the one whom he loves.

The complex love/hate bittersweet ballads he tells reflect enrich the experience and help his listeners grow up. 

Mohamed Mounir - Soutek / محمد منير - صوتك


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