Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Viviane Mrad's Anti-Immigration Lebanese Love Song Is Here

Viviane Mrad is a Lebanses babe with a gentle voice, that makes guys think they have found love when they hear this dazzling lady. Another thing Lebanese (and some Arab) guys like is immigration. They all fantasize about going somewhere for work in a country where they have jobs--Canada, Australia  US and West African nations are popular choices.

So it took one babe to tell them, do not go chase after visas, and citizenship. You will be granted royal residency in my heart. It's a cute song about a women in love with a young man who headed for the embassy to get approved for a work visa. The clip for the song is a collection of concerts for Viviane a raising pop star at home. Keep on mind Viviane is an expat herself, and her song has hit it way big throughout Arabia. The song came during troubled times of the Arab Spring and more young people are thinking to flock away.

Lebanon is filled with people who go away and build other countries  some forget about the motherland. She wishes she was rich and had the land to make him stick around. But her song reminds us of what's at stake when we immigrate--loved ones.

Viviane Mrad - El Genseyah / فيفيان مراد - الجنسية


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