Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Listen: Life Is Unfair Song اغنية شيرين - اه يادنيا 2013 | كـاملة | اغنية بوسى

People who like to do drugs and drink alcohol, like a certain type of music. Bosy from Egypt gave them the exact type of music they were looking for a year and a half ago with the release of the cult classic "Ah Ya Donia" "O' life"

Now the song enters another phase, a cover by one of Egypt's most celebrated starlets Sherine picked it up and sang it. It's the kind of song people pissed off with the world embrace. A song about being wronged and about life being unfair. Not sure why Sherine choose to do a cover of this recent song which falls under the Sh'abi style.

I liked the original song, and think the Sherine cover is decent. It's a dance song, but the kind you sing and dance to stop from crying. It offers life wisdom and street smart from the folks who do not often get air time.

شيرين - اه يا دنيا - اغنية بوسى

اغنيه - اه يا دنيا - بوسى - من فيلم الالماني

اغنية شيرين - اه يادنيا 2013 | كـاملة | اغنية بوسى