Saturday, October 19, 2013

WATCH: Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire Crafty Cover by @Alaa_Wardi & @PeterHollens @HotArabicMusic Review

When you look up the word random, you should see a picture of oddball viral video magnet Alaa Wardi. Look him up Facebook, and you will find a dozen of pages for him and his fans. He has been making the middle Eastern people laugh and not just the ones who speak Arabic. He has also moved to the Indian land with his covers in a capella performances. Keep on mind, all sounds recorded for this song came from voice and mouth only.

This time, his video is different, he raised the bar and went to do a cover of the global hit Jai Ho--song from Slumdog Millionaire. He is also getting an American star to help him. Peter Hollens is an American pop singer, songwriter and producer. He has been involved with a cappella music since 1999. The Oregon native brings out the sizzle and this collaboration will stick around. Thin about this, your hand may suffer carpel-tunnel from hitting the reply button over and over again.

These is two heavyweight giving a new life to an already popular global hit. This is what what one rightfully calls Sheer genius. Even the YouTube video is a piece of art. The split-screen is done in a fresh way that has top-notch written all over it. This new hit video will open new land for both artists and put a smile on the faces of those who love this brilliant song. I love how this songs is breaking many cultural, political, linguistic barriers, and brings out the human factor in each of us.

This is a Saudi residing artists bringing out his finest talent and competing on the global stage with no-drama.In short years, Alaa Wardi skyrocketed from a guy who sang about wanting a visa, into a cultural icon and now with the gifted and capable Peter Hollen, he is virtually unstoppable.    

Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire (Cover by Alaa Wardi & Peter Hollens)


  1. Great job gentlemen! The way to unite the planet is through music!