Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WATCH: "The Good Guy" Of #Egyptian Pop Is BACK haitham nabil اتحدي الحياة

Many people sing about themselves and make a comfortable living, others sing about bigger things, that makes a real difference in people's life. It's not easy to sound genuine when talking about people's woes, but  Musicians Haitham Nabil seems to do it with ease and kindness. And his new single, but the song is about real human being, a little kid who was born with a diseases that is supposed to cripple him to life.

Twenty Six years ago, this story happened, his parents were told he will not live beyond two years. But the man who was told that, lived on and Haitham chose to do this song as a tribute to him. The man who is in the center of this story seems to come from Saudi Arabia, and you see him enjoying life from his wheelchair. The miracle man is also featured in the music video. I love the bike vs. horse scene. Great stories all around. The diversity of people appearing in this music video, ensures to remind us that the songs' message is universal. This is a human story of the first rate, and it should be touching to all those who take the time to process it.

Talking about wanting something fresh, this song is as fresh and as exciting as they come. I love the production, and the mixing of the music, Haitham knows how to make a hot record, and he is doing telling a strong message. Do not give up, and with him it's never just words. He is a singer and a story-teller. This is a dare, Haitham dares people to challenge life and not settle. I think as long as one can breath, the challenge is on. To me, this is hope. I thank Haitham Nabil for telling such a beautiful story and doing it with such force. Note how the message is the center, not the artist. He goes after the nay-sayers who try to scream, "this is impossible" or "you cannot do that" There are many of them everywhere, just ask the Olympians....Haitham brings the dedication of a world-class entertainer, but in this sogn he is also a motivational speaker.

Haitham wrote the music, composed the lyrics and sang it. There are about five other people who can do the same thing, but none of them bring the level of faith, good will and skills Haitham brought her. I wish he would make more music, he might not be in it for the volume, but I am all about the music he makes. A reminder, he was the first singer to release a song for January 25th revolution. I cannot wait for the release of his 2014 album.

haitham nabil '''''' اتحدي الحياة


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