Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Embarrassing Lebanese Government Screws Up At Legend Wadie Al Safie Funeral

The government of Lebanon was missing from the funeral fro one of their most beloved music legends. Wadie Al Safie was laid to rest at home, and the people of Lebanon turned out for their revered singer who has made them happy for close to seventy years.

There is a lot of rage in Lebanon at the way how the government handled the death of the man who has shaped modern Lebanese songs and folklore for generations--they did not declare a mourning day for him. Of course, the suit wearing self-serving politicians. People are upset for the lack of official response--even the coup government in Egypt sent in the condolences.

As you would know, tends of celebrities flocked his little town and mourned with his family the death of this cultural icon. As for the sincerity, we have no idea. His soul remains out there, and his fans are asked to pray for his soul. Marcel Khalifeh came out, Assi Hallani, Waleed Tawfik, Josef Attieh and dozens of others turned out to lay their eyes on Abu Fady's body as he he heads to his resting place.

P.S. is there a tradition in some Lebanese churches to shake the casket as it's been taking to eh grave? I have seen this before

حشود شعبيّة وفنيّة في وداع وديع الصّافي والدولة غائبة

There was no shortage of entertainers who were chasing the camera to speak what the legend meant to them. His family members were present and mourning. Ghassan Saliba, Adel Sarhan, Ahmed Doughan, Toni Bayeh, Rima Nejim,  Fadi Harb, Mohammad El Majzoub, Jamal Fayad spoke with the press

some had fighting words, "If this states does not respect us, we won't respect it" The government really missed an opportunity,Wadie is one of two giants that unites all the Lebanese people wherever they live. Dude, even Syrian mourned the man and the flag was half-staffed  

Wadih Al Safi - Part 2 مراسم دفن الكبير وديع الصافي وهذا ما قاله عنه النجوم