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Philemon Wehbe "فيلمون وهبي", #Lebanon's Most Gifted "and Most Colorful" Composer

Lebanese legendary diva Fyarouz considers herself a big fan of his music and his films. That's enough for one Lebanese legend to take with him to his grave. This iconic composer whose music went to one to create what would later become a signature Lebanese music. He is a natural talent, gifted in created melodies and acting. He made so many songs that your grandparents and their parents know very well.

He is one hilarious man who seems to enjoy being on camera as much as he enjoys making music for the masses. He sang like he is in a small room, like if he has his village on mind as he acted and as he made tunes. Get this, he started his music career in of Palestine who moved to Lebanon and joined the likes of Halim El Roomi, another Palestinians native who helped define Lebanese music.

He comes from a small Lebanese village. He joined the Near East radio station where most of his buddies of that era are now considered among the legends. Later he would join the official Lebanese radio network and he has never studied music professionally, but went on to create hundreds of original melodies. He even created some of his finest works without being great at playing the lute--the go to instrument of that time.

He had that authentic feel and senses that could create musical notes by hearing them. His first melody, he created on a table as he kept striking it in a musical fashion. He would create beats, and his friends would translate his ideas into musical notes and run with them. He was up to the challenge and always looking for something new to compose music to.

He worked in both Lebanon and Syria, but among his achievements is taking his comedy show to defy language as his shows would get people to laugh--even if those people spoke no Arabic. His big break came when he made so many dazzling melodies for Fayrouz's most famous songs--they Rahabni household realized they are dealing with a guineas innovator. To name few of them in Arabic, «جايبلي سلام»، «يا مرسال المراسيل»، «يا دارة دوري فينا»، «من عز النوم بتسرقني»، «بكرم اللولو»، «ليلية بترجع يا ليل»، «الطاحونة»، «يا رايح»، «فايق يا هوى»، «صّيف يا صيف»، «أنا خوفي»، «يا كرم العلالي»، «طيري يا طيارة»، «على جسر اللوزية»، وفي ما بعد «ورقو الأصفر» و«إسوارة العروس» ب

Those are some of the most memorized Arabic songs, people were amused by the level of sophistication his compositions enjoy, some of his peers were even jealous of his skilled craft. He gave his music to names like Sabah, Melhim Barakat, Wadie El Safie, Nasry Shams Eldeen, Najah Salam, Samira Tawfik, Warda, Fayza Ahmed and others. He is the original guy whose work made the folksy Lebanese song a hit around Arabia. Songs like «دخل عيونك حاكينا»، «عالعصفورية» (صباح)، «شب الأسمر جنني»، «برهوم حاكيني»(نجاح سلام)، «بترحلك مشوار» و«حلوي وكذابي» were a huge draw in places like the Gulf. He passed away in 1985, Lebanon lost one of its finest and most colorful composers. He was survived by his wife and four children.

Philemon Wahbe [sanferlo]فيلمون وهبي

Philemon Wehbe - عندي دوا للذكا - فيلمون وهبي


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