Saturday, October 26, 2013

Revolutionaries Are Still Making Music For #Egypt

I thought Egypt would not be releasing more songs about rocking the system and distrusting the government  but I was wrong. Meet El Joker, one of Egypt's most fiery rapper released a new song, a deceleration of how frustrated he is with Egypt, and the education system. He is worried about the corruption  politicians and soccer games. The name of the rapper tells me he might think he has a twisted personality just like his namesake.

El Joker has a big hit here and I love the extra vocalist featured. He talks about his love for the land and the national anthem. It's a dark song that breaks the stand off down. He is no fan of the now former Islamic government--I think it's a fair game to criticize them all one wants at this point. I just hate how everyone now thinks they understand the problems and offer their untested prescription.

El Joker ft. Ibi "Baladna" - "الجوكر و ايبي "بلدنا

Then came came a guy who sounds like he wants to cry. A song for the love of Egypt, not one hint of frustration there. But there are plenty of pain in this track, His name is Mohammed Sorour, he is the performer and the song's writer  He is also another young soul that is hardly pleased with what he sees, but he is not angry....but rather heart broken.

Both songs bring the topic of death, sacrifice and the Egyptian woes, but they come shorts with a sober call for unity. No question, Egyptian adore their land, hell some of them worship it too, but we all express such emotions differently.

محمد سرور - يابلادي / Mohamed Sorour - Ya Blady PyramediaChannel·216 videos


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