Friday, October 25, 2013

The Three Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Murder Of Shafik Kabha (Shafiq Kabha)

  1. The most common conspiracy theory is that the artist was gunned down by a guy from Umm-Faham wanted the Shafik Kabha to sing at his wedding, and the artist has refused to perform at that person's wedding. He threaten Shafik to shoot if he he steps into Umm Al Faham. The artist had a concert in that town on the same night he was gunned down.
  2. Relatives of the singer who owed him money, where Shafik has checks from them, he could have turned them in and had these people arrested. So a family dispute that went wrong--frankly this was my first thought.
  3. The more colorful one takes a political nature, Shafik supports a coalition in the local election for the municipality, so the opposition had him assassinated for his active role and high profile endorsement. 

Nothing will bring him back, I only hope he rests in peace and the assassins have karma coming after them. 

If you ever wanted how a Palestinian sounds like, this song below will take you there to one of these night parties where guys dance till the rise of the sun. These are some crazy people who like to dance, and have a good time,  Shafiq Kabha got them masses to dance in all styles and moves. 

shafik kabha


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