Friday, October 18, 2013

Indie Singer Wael Amer HATES (Former) President Morsi #Egypt

Note: This song predates July third coup against President Morsi

Serious people govern, and those who lose, make noise. While I am observing the scene of indie music of Egypt and I cannot help but laugh. I laugh because most of the songs I am hearing are funny. This is a new odd song by Wael Amer. I like the guy and his many songs, but this time, I think calling Morsi  Hitler is both sad and funny.

He has dubbed his song "censored", and banned though I am not sure who would ban those songs. There is no way to control the various media outlets, even we wanted to.  But freedom of speech is worth it--because suppression is never productive.

It's a slow song with a groovy feel to it, like those vintage songs old timers sit in a cafe and enjoy as they sip a class of tea. He seems to be having fun as he sings this song mocking the government and Egypt. He is even picking up on the president song who got a government job that pays two hundred dollars a month.  

أغنيه وائل عامر "الممنوعه من العرض" - أحيه خابور النهضه


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