Thursday, October 24, 2013

WATCH: Anam Eshlon - Waad Al Bahari انام شلون - وعد البحرى #Syria

She is Syrian by blood, raised in the affluent country of the UAE, shot to fame when sang for an Egyptian drama about the life Asmhan. She lives and works in between Dubai, Cairo, and Lebanon. But no work one Arab singer offers more financial rewards as the song sin Gulf Khalij dialect come with. See some find it shameful to do such songs, and I see a limit.

But Waad is different she grew up in that culture, she grew up speaking that dialect. She has to earn a living, a good voice is a good voice no matter what. Now there are smart choices  and bad ones, I think this songs will help Waad a big deal. It's a commercial song performed with heart, I love her performance and like to listen to her and look at her. This an intimate song where the singer has to show some emotions and some real pain as the sing.

The lyrics are for the Saudi poet whose talent is meant to put words on bittersweet situations like this one; and composer from Egypt, the music video was reported to have cost 55 thousand dollars. Hope you find it entertaining.

Anam Eshlon - Waad Al Bahari انام شلون - وعد البحرى


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