Monday, October 21, 2013

WATCH: Mohammaed Assaf First-Ever Music Video Clip Ya Hal Arab | #محمد_عساف - يا هالعرب

It's only logical for the young man the Arabs called their idol to release his debut professional song and post show fame song to address them all. Assaf, the young kid from Palestine releases his first professional music video, and it goes through the news headlines he helped captured this past summer, he gave an interview, and the press statement. The video does one thing well, sputtering. It's a soft explosion of this glocal pop star whose name has traveled the world and back.

He knows how much joy he means to his fans, watch the folks follow him and his news, and shower him with local and kisses. Cooks, managers, airport attendants, families, maids and more all tune in to watch him. He is one hell of pan Arab party. There are dancers, but he is playing it safe, conservative music video that focuses on him and his smile.

It's a good choice for him to sing about all Arabs, not just one dialect, and one country. He is a big name, and even the Chinese know him and dance to his beat. He also shows his power that defies the borders and politics. He shows some of his vocal muscles. There's a private jet and even African dancers who like him. Then he reaches Paris. I like Assaf and know he is trying to do what's good for him and what's good for Palestine. He is an artist and not some magician, it's important to remember that.

The timing of this release is to come before his world tour which will bring him to North American and Europe. He has already covered the Arab world. He has the skills and his voice is mighty---he tries to show his rock star persona a bit. UNRWA and other sponsors get a shout out in the end. Even a Dubai dentist who has befriended Assaf is listed among the sponsors. But nothing bests that million dollar smile.

Mohammed Assaf - Ya Hal Arab | #محمد_عساف - يا هالعرب


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