Thursday, October 24, 2013

Palestinian Local Artist Shafik Kabha Laid To Rest In Large Funeral (Pictures)

Their home boy and the local guy who dared to reach for the stars was gunned down, Shafik Kabha was laid to rest in his hometown and the ceremonies were well attended by a large crowd from all walks of life. Some of them likes his music, some did not, but that did not matter. They love him, and they showed up to his funeral. Even these often stereotyped straight -edge bearded men. Shafik was a an of faith, he started his career with reciting the Koran and he can be seen in the video below praying.

This video pays homage to the fallen local legend who has brought so much joy in the lives of Palestinians living inside the land and on the borders. Shafik talked like my grandpa would, partied like my older brother (at his prime) would and worked as hard as my father does. He was also a good son, to his parents, and his community.

Police are still looking for a motive and investigating the assassination. This is a bizarre incident and as for now, no unknown motives,enemies or such. This is tragedy, and his family which includes his wife and his kids must be at loss.

فيديو مؤثر جدا عن حياة الفنان شفيق كبها رحمه الله