Friday, October 11, 2013

BREAKING: Lebanese Music Legend Wadih El Safi Passes Away #Lebanon

Wadei El Safi passed away tonight in a local hospital at home reported MTV Lebanon. He has been hospitalized before and he was not feeling well. He passed away in  مستشفى "بيل فيو" في المنصورية. His complicates were due to a broken bones has affected his lungs which impacted the heart. Friday October 11th 2013 saw the end of this iconic Arab singer.

Wadie was born on January first 1921. He grew up in a small village in a poor family and went on to captivate millions around the globe, and shape Lebanese music for more than seventy years. Somehow, while he has left his small village -the village never left him and most of his songs feel nostalgic to the place he loves the most.

During War War Two he wanted to earn a living to traveled to Latin America where he had many concerts for the expats longing for the the sounds that shaped them. He would call Brazil home for a while before he went back to Lebanon. In the sixties he was the big act, the man who knows Lebanon and it knew him back  He also worked with Syrian legend Farid Al Atrach back in 1944 and in 1947, they collaborated.  Egyptian composer Mohammad Abdel Wahab loved his voice and he was a huge fan of this very strong voice. He has his won school in Arabic music where you find thousands of subscribers trying to figure "the Safy" way

On 1976 he moved to Egypt, from there he went to Britain and in 1978 he ended up in Paris, he kept singing for Lebanon as the civil war raged on in that country. In 1990 Wadie would have his first open heart surgery. He has four citizenship, Lebanese, Egyptian, Brazilian, and French. Aside from singing, he had starred in dozens of films. He also has an honorary PhD. He has als been awarded 5 State awards in Lebanon and has been knighted in Lebanon.

His folkloric songs live on and his legacy will outlast many of us, he was indeed a good man who loved the motherland, loved Syria and the rest of Arabia. He was the legend whose name can never be forgotten and his music can never been upstaged. He has the voice of the mountains, and like them he will stand tall.

وفاة وديع الصافي

Live Wadih El Safi Rahritlek Musvar Lebanese music 2011


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