Thursday, October 31, 2013

Music As Worship, The Muslim Sufi Style

For a really long time man loved to worship something....and soon after music emerged as a tool for worship. Most religions have a role saved for Music as they worship. The Muslim faith is no different, for the untrained ear, the call to prayer can seem like singing.

But here, I wanted to talk about music like Sheikh Yaseen Al Tohamy has used to deliver his praises and songs for the prophet and the faith. The subscribers to the Sufi ways have perfected such art form for about a thousand year now. Yaseen belongs to those Sufi worshipers. He memorized the Quran early own, and perfected his own language and grammar 

He studied the Sufi poetry and got really close to those circles. When he started performing such poems in public he became an instant star in the mid seventies. For thirty years and he was the go to guy for such art from and worship. Aside form knowing the religion and the poetry very well, he is educated musically and knows the musical styles of various Muslim pioneers including "Maqamat" He is a well traveled performer where he goes to Muslim nations and take his popular songs with him.

ياسين التهامى 2011 " الحب دينى وإيمانى "

قصيدة في حضرة المحبوب - ياسين التهامي كاملة


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