Friday, October 4, 2013

@HotArabicMusic Presents The Best Saudi Song Ever Made محمد عبده - مساء الخير

"Good Evening", is the simple title of this incredible song by Saudi legend Mohammad Abdu. He released this songs more than a decade ago and it's like a legacy that lives on. It's sweet piled on sincere topped with authenticity finished with love. The Saudi legend has been making music since the sixties of the last century. But somehow all the songs I happen to live from him were recorded in the late nighties and early 2000s.

While this is my favorite song by him, there are other lovely songs by this hit-maker who comes across as a statesman who glows respect and honor. This is man who made singing real poems that talked of epic love so easy. He makes it look effortless but you know for him to hold such conflicted feelings inside is never easy.  I love the music on his songs, but on that particular track the live orchestra is so upbeat yet, you ar helpless, you want to relax and enjoy the moving poetic lyrics

I shall name some of his other hits that I love--for complete list of his work click here. I like "Majmoo'aat Insnan", "Al Amakin", "Bint El Nour", "Kil Ma Nasnas", and "Onshadat Alma'ttar" It's enough of a honor for this man that his songs have a huge following not only in the Gulf but outside where they embrace him in Cairo, Beirut, Damascus and in Algiers. His songs get covered by the likes of Angham, Sherine, and Amal Maher. And more recently Mohammad Assaf who won the title did a beautiful cover of his of songs on Arab Idol.

I give you Massa Alkheer

محمد عبده - مساء الخير

مساء الخير - إلقاء عبدالرحمن بن مساعد - غناء محمد عبده


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