Thursday, October 17, 2013

WATCH: Mohammed Assaf - Ya Hal Arab - Soon | #محمد_عساف - يا هالعرب - قريباً

So long Mohammed Assaf, the young skinny kid from Gaza-Palestine who made the Arab world happy and made Palestine pleased as he won the title of Arab Idol.

So far he has released a total of one single to mixed reviews a song about Arabs in love, a clean song in the white Dialect. It feels very good song and a fitting song for Assaf's voice style and persona that we love so much. However, I feel the song is a flat, it offers little fizz and it just got popular because of who he is. It's not a terrible song, I know people love it and I do not loath it.

Now we are being treated for a new music video for the song--it was filmed more than a month ago in Beirut and now we all will meet the new entertainer Assaf is trying to be. We will have to wait and see, Assaf is a cool guy who has been breaking bank--good for him. hen the fuss is over, Assaf the talented one will have to give us more than what this song offered.

Mohammed Assaf - Ya Hal Arab - Soon | #محمد_عساف - يا هالعرب - قريباً

حصريا اغنية محمد عساف يا هالعرب النسخة الاصلية كاملة


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