Monday, October 14, 2013

!____! Happy Eid * Eid Mubarak !____! Eid Eve Song And El Eid Farha By Safaa Abo El Saud

It's the Eid eve, and this is the big Eid. Happy Eid. I hope no one ever dies in violence....but I pray harder for this to be true on the day of the Eid. Lets' all step back and enjoy this festive day and hope people will find some joy at least for one day.

You got your Eid Eve song by the legendary and mighty Umm Kalthoum!

Egypt Eid Song Ya Laylet El Eid Night of Eid by Umm Khulthum

Arabic Eid Song for kids by:toyor al janah

And of course, this essential Arabic Eid classic song.

El Eid Farha By Safaa Abo El Saud


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